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Are you engaged and trying to figure out the best route for planning your wedding day during this unpredictable time? Well darling, you're in a great spot. I wanted to write this article to provide some basics for couples who may be considering the road less traveled. I'm talking about a more adventurous, intimate and authentic experience also known as the Elopement!

Photography Provided By: Ely Roberts

Soooooo…..What is eloping? Should I get the motorcycle ready for Vegas?

Well you can...but please know that you do have other options. Like A LOT of other options.  Eloping isn’t what it used to mean back in your nana’s time. It certainly doesn’t mean that you’re selfishly forsaking everyone in your life. Nowadays, eloping refers to saying EFF the traditional details and YES to getting married where it’s just you two or an intimate number of guests.

Photography Provided By: Ely Roberts

Why should we Elope vs. sticking with the traditional route?

If you were to ask us right now….our first response would be that this has been one of the most difficult times to make long-term plans. We still have no directives regarding the restrictions in the upcoming months, so in our opinion....this is a pretty great option and that's the biggie. In addition we have 7 other reasons below:

  1. Raw Adventure

  2. Intimacy

  3. Extended Honeymoon

  4. Less Stress

  5. Freedom

  6. Epic photos

  7. Incredible Memories

Photography Provided By: Ely Roberts

Take a moment to think about this modern Elopement idea. You will shortly realize that it truly opens a world of possibilities. Think of all the beautiful places you can start the most beautiful commitment of your life. It's fun to think about, right?

Photography By: Rhiannon Mim

Are there ways to include our family and friends?

Just because you two decide to elope doesn’t mean that you both can’t include your family and friends on your wedding day. This can be achieved virtually or by a post elopement party where you can watch the elopement video with everyone.

Photography By: Ely Roberts

How do we find wedding vendors to help us?

Hiring an experienced adventure planning team is crucial. A great example of an awesome team of vendors is with Bend Oregon Elopement . It's there will you will find an array of vendors that thrive on adventure and creating unforgettable experiences. The coolest thing, they will go anywhere and tailor your agenda in the way that works best for the two of you. They also have packages that include everything that you need from start to finish.

We would love to hear from you! Are you weighing the Pro's and Con's of an Elopement? Comment Below!


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