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Each event is an empty canvas.

Not one is the same.

The Collective is simply us

listening to you.

Pulling from our collective of beautiful items, sourcing the perfect pieces, and mixing with exquisite natural pacific northwest treasures & florals that we have gathered,

to paint your picture.

Always fresh.

Only custom creations each time.


Your dreams. Our collective.

The Collective

self color.jpg

Love, Jen O'Brien

I am a true lover of Central Oregon.

Born and Raised in the wild outdoors.

Gatherer of things found and made.


It is my true bliss to create something new each time.

Pairing nature's elements with the perfect flowers and collective pieces to create a magical evening or day is my pallete of choice.

20 plus years of event design and implementation.

I am a happy girl, and I love what I do. 

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