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From The Owner

As a professional wedding planner, I have dedicated my career to creating memorable events. When I launched AC&CO after 12 years of tailoring my craft in the wedding industry, my goal was to build a team that shared that same passion. Each woman on our team has put in the time and work to be the best and represent what we stand for. We are the team you can rely on and trust. We are the women that will take the very best care of you. This is my promise and that's why I proudly have my name on this business. 

  With Love, Amanda Claire 

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Meet Your dream team


Amanda Claire 


After receiving her Bachelor's Degree in PR with a concentration in Fine Art, Amanda dove into the events industry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was at her first event where she knew instantaneously she would strive to become an entrepreneur. She knew the road ahead wasn't going to be quick and easy. It was going to take a lot of grit and experience before moving into business ownership. 12 Years later is when AC&CO. blossomed out of the pandemic. Although times were extremely difficult, she knew it was time to take the leap to pivot into a new chapter. No matter the circumstances, she was determined to build the brand strategically, gracefully and carefully. Just in three years, AC&CO. had been awarded Best New Vendor by Oregon Bride, recognized in several prestige publications and received notable accolades from her clients. ​ As President of her local wedding association, Amanda is considered a leader in the industry and planning market. Growing the team is a huge priority. Being able to lead a team of women to help develop their strengths to succeed in this career path is incredibly motivating and rewarding for Amanda. "I love what I get do everyday and I want to share it with other like minded professional women who want to make an impact in our industry." ​ When she’s not running the biz, Amanda is out on the river fly fishing with her Hubby and Pups, Mo the Golden and Jake the Dingo., or at home snugging with her new kitten Meadow.

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Nicole Amanda 


Nicole-Amanda is a fierce creative visionary who adores fashioning all things beautiful and romantic. She has an incredible talent for elevating the mundane and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. She has a knack for envisioning the entirety of an event's aesthetics upon first seeing the venue and meeting the couple. It’s like instead of seeing an empty space, she only sees your day in its full spectacular form, unfolding in front of her eyes. It is with these remarkable foresights that she is able to so seamlessly organize all of the details for your day. She is extremely passionate about helping couples curate the moments that will last a lifetime. She truly believes in the power of intentionality and in unique and personal detailing as a means of impactful memory making. She also strongly believes that time is the one thing we can never get back and thus it deserves our utmost attention and care. When we share and spend time together, it is truly the greatest gift we can offer each other. Weddings are one of these gifts! There are not many events in one's life where so many loving friends and family have the chance to share in their time and memories all together. Nicole-Amanda is always excited to give you and your dream day the acute attention and care that is deserving of a once in a lifetime event!




Meet Alana, a former AC&CO. bride turned planner! Alana’s passion for orchestrating memorable events stems from her pursuit of a career that resonates with the essence of romantic comedies. She derives immense joy from delving into intricate details, leveraging creative opportunities, and conquering unforeseen challenges.With a professional background in interior design and architecture, Alana possesses a unique skill set to curate flawless floor plans and designs, ensuring every moment is meticulously crafted to leave an indelible impression. Her ultimate aim is to fashion an unforgettable event that embodies your distinct essence. Beyond her professional pursuits, Alana takes pride in being a devoted dog mom to Nova, an endearing coyote look-alike. She shares a profound affection for music, gastronomy, and outdoor adventures with her partner. Engaging in shared experiences with others fuels her unwavering optimism. Alana is not just a photographer, adventurer, and ardent enthusiast of love; she finds immense gratification in witnessing the radiance of her clients at the end of their special night—perhaps even encouraging a celebratory boogie. "We plan it, so you live it." Alana stands ready to collaborate on your vision, embracing your ideas and even the most classic of clichés. Let's transform your dream into an awe-inspiring reality together.




Marisa has a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Animation. She spent the first decade of her career in the corporate fashion industry as a graphics and textiles designer. Marisa has always loved crafting things with her hands, and she possesses a great affinity for detail and an appreciation for things made with quality and intention. She has extensive experience facilitating the translation of broad creative concepts into cohesive and beautiful designs. With a background in illustration, she loves working with a wide variety of mediums and is equally comfortable creating digital designs as she is working with pen and paper.  Marisa has a passion for all things stationery and derives joy from helping bring others visions to life. She loves connecting with new people and has a unique capacity to understand what makes someone light up, and then to bring that to life into personalized creations. Marisa believes in kindness, clear communication and that time is the greatest gift we can give one another. She is thrilled to be able to help create tailored pieces of art that embody and encapsulate key moments of a lifetime for her clients. When Marisa isn't designing for her couples, you can find her avidly knitting (even in the summer!), loving on her cats, and traveling with her husband and daughter.


Savannah "Sav"


Savannah loves planning weddings, meeting new people and witnessing true love in action. Before entering the world of wedding planning, Savannah was a hairstylist, bartender and continues to be the proud owner of The Hitchhiker Mobile Bar. Her true passion however, is working with happy couples in the wedding industry. Savannah is incredibly detail oriented, creative and passionate about delivering an unforgettable event! With her love of all things fabulous, Savannah adds her personal touch of divine to the design of every single production she is a part of. She is alway enthusiastic about planning and orchestrating events and she strives to give all clients the consideration and time necessary to create their perfect day. She loves getting to connect and learn about their love story and vision. Above all else, Savannah is motivated to make the event everything her clients have dreamed of. Building new friendships and quality relationships along the way is just a huge bonus. In Savannah's free time you will find her traveling and enjoying all that Oregon has to offer in the beautiful outdoors with her dog, Kevin




Haley has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She brings a human and relationship based approach to all her work. Haley is passionate and intentional about creating spaces for communities to celebrate love and joy. She is a creative and solution focused problem solver. "Perfect and bulletproof are seductive, but they don’t exist in the human experience. We must walk into the arena, whatever it may be – a new relationship, an important meeting, our creative process, or a difficult family conversation – with courage and the willingness to engage. Rather than sitting on the sidelines and hurling judgment and advice, we must dare to show up.” ~Brene Brown; Daring Greatly Haley’s best accessories: The smile on her face, her kind heart, and fun-loving personality.

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Lexy, a Central Oregon native, has always had a passion for exploration and cherishing the beauty of our world. Alongside her partner, Zach, they embrace adventure alongside their beloved fur companions - two dogs named Ollie and Rusty, and their feline friend, Marvin. Her journey into the wedding industry was sparked by the joy of assisting friends and family with their weddings. Eager to contribute and make these moments exceptional, Lexy found her calling in helping couples craft their perfect day. With over two years' of experience as a bridal consultant, her fascination with orchestrating seamless events led her to pursue a coordinating role. During her time in Montana, Lexy delved into the role of a day-of coordinator and discovered her true passion. Upon returning to Oregon, she sought out AC&CO. and found an immediate connection with Amanda, a remarkable individual who has provided her with the incredible opportunity to pursue her passion. With each wedding she undertakes, Lexy's dedication and love for her work continue to deepen, making each celebration a memorable experience.




Allured by the challenge of orchestrating seamless events, coupled with her passion for creating unforgettable moments, Jazi found her way to the dynamic team at AC&Co in the 2023 wedding season. For Jazi, every task, from meticulously organizing decor to illuminating the venue with a sea of candles for the couple's first look, is an opportunity to infuse creativity and magic. Jazi thrives on the vibrant energy and diverse challenges that come with wedding assisting. Her commitment lies in bringing to life the distinct dreams and visions that each couple brings to the table. In transforming these dreams into a tangible reality, she finds excitement in ensuring that every detail reflects the unique essence of the individuals involved. As she watches the day unfold, Jazi finds fulfillment in knowing that her work contributes to the joy and beauty of someone's most special day. When she’s not with AC&CO., Jazi has a Menstrual Cycle Coaching business and is a Natural Fertility and Contraception specialist.

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